Friday, January 25, 2008

WBC does it again

I found this on Looks like our friends at WBC want to disgrace the memory of a fine actor. Don’t these morons ever stop?





Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Heath Ledger Funeral



Atlanta, GA 1/23/2008 03:26 PM GMT (FINDITT)





Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas has announced their plans to picket at Heath Ledger’s funeral because the actor “promoted homosexuality” by his film ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in which he played a gay man.



Fred Phelps leads the church, which demostrates their strong conviction against gays, lesbians and soldiers by picketing. The Topeka, Kansas based group has made headlines in the past after picketing at the funeral’s of soldiers carrying signs reading ‘Thank God for Dead Soldiers’ and ‘God Hates Fags.’




“God hates the, tacky bucket of slime seasoned with womit known as Brokeback Mountain and he hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it,” the church writes on a flyer.




Ledger was found dead in a New York apartment yesterday. NYPD says his tragic death may have been drug related as a bottle of sleeping pills were found nearby his body. An autopsy is scheduled for today.




Ledger had one child with actress Michelle Williams.




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Recent Posts

Some of my recent posts have been scattered and haphazard. That is partly because I have been posting more as I see things now that I can do it from the crackberry.


One post over at SCP entitled moving forward got me thinking. People talk about New Years resolutions (mine by the way is 1280x1024). You geeks will get that. Anyway, I truly see 2008 as a year of new beginnings. I think since 2003 when we moved out here to Oregon, I have spent too much time mourning and lamenting the life we had. We did have it pretty good. Nice place to live. Good job. Nice town. Friends, Active in Church. I kept saying its not the same and sank in and out of depression.


We have thought of returning to Minnesota but even that wouldn’t make things as they were in 03. In fact, I have changed too much to ever have things they way they were and I don’t really like who I was then. Sure I felt closer to God but it was in the context of Church.


I see this year as the year to accept things for what they are and fix them if possible. I want to get in shape, we joined a health club and went on a diet. I want to get out of debt. I made a plan. The consequences of the last 4 years are there but they are fixable.


When finished, I am sure life wont look like it did in 03 (nor should it), but it may be even better. I think its possible to have an authentic relationship with God. Have healthy relationships and do good works that make a difference. I may not be sure what this will look like.


2008 will be the year as Steve said of “moving forward” (buzzword attack). Perhaps its time to stop mourning the loss of what really wasn’t real to begin with. It is what it is (another buzzword). Lets all think outside the box, push the envelope and get some real synergy going on.


Have a great day

Ie7 install makes me nuts

I think ms should be ashamed. I hate the ie7 installer. No prog indicators just a banner that goes back and forth. It could induce insanity

Ie sucks anyway. I use firefox and opera

Snow in the Valley

I had an interesting commute this morning. Skidded out pretty good driving through North Albany. Thought I was going to be getting pulled out of the ditch. Something stopped me. Maybe it was God ( I was praying God don’t let me crash). Maybe just my Minnesota winter driving skills. Anyway my point was a little snow totally paralyzes this place. I think we need some better de-icer. I am also interested in your take on this. Whomever reads. Now I do believe in Global Warming, but I think this winter has been unusually cold and icy here in Oregon. Do you think that may be because the melting of the ice caps is cooling the pacific?


I sure hope people around here learn how to drive in the ice and learn what road salt is if that’s the case.


I guess people think global warming is going to make everything warmer but I wonder if its affect on Oregon wont be hotter summers and nastier winters. What do you all think?

Vista is a No Brainer

I was reading an article about Vista which I am convinced is a manifestation of the demonic straight from the dark lord himself. Vista that is, not the article. I lost the link but it referred to upgrading to Vista as a “no brainer”. From my perspective that really doesn’t make me want to do it. Having tried Vista, I think I agree that the OS itself is a no brainer. In that only someone with no brain would think it was ready to ship.


I guess my point is why would anyone want to refer to something that is for a complex machine like a computer as a no brainer. Do we really want brainless people running computers. In some respects I think Windoze 95 and AOhell ruined the Internet by doing just that.


I am not talking about the computer illiterate. Everyone is born that way. But those who want to stay computer illiterate and wear it as a badge of honor are a different story. Why are people proud of stupidity or at least deficiencies. I am not good at some things but I don’t go around saying, I am so proud that I suck at many sports or that I don’t know how to take apart an engine. If I had to take apart an engine, I would LEARN HOW not whine about how stupid I am. IGNORANCE IS NOT A SOURCE OF PRIDE (as my truck bumper sticker says). Why would anyone want to make anything to appeal to laziness by calling it a “no-brainer”.


So I guess it comes down to, if no brainers run Vista, I would rather keep my brain and run Linux (I know there are mac zealots who read this and I like macs, I just have PCs). That is just the conclusion I would have come to from the article. My personal experience with Vista is it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are stuck with this abysmal excuse for an operating system and want to dump it, I can assist you with downgrade rights. I guess to work in the tech industry one must think like a lawyer now.


Anyway, enough rambling. Have a great day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Now I can blog from my Blackberry I can post things as I see them from wherever I may be. That is cool.

One more test

This is the last one I promise

One more test

I want to see if I can blackberry blog
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Human Cow Hybrid

This article kind of freaked me out. Now I am not jumping on the research is bad bandwagon. My thoughts on embryonic stem cell research are not decided. My thoughts on adult stem cells is go for it. I am against cloning because of the spiritual element (do they have a soul).


Though making cow-human hybrids cant help but make me think of the Nephillim described in Genesis. I realize these were more human-demon (or alien) hybrids but still mixing species with humans is likely to produce goat-boy or something weird that I don’t think God intended.


I have become much more open minded lately but my mind isn’t quite this open. Keep it in the species man


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I saw a post on Senor Jefe’s blog about a book called Revolution by George Barna. It looks intriguing. I have seen other reviews of it.


Curious if anyone who reads my blog has read this book or has an opinion on it.


I am probably going to break down and order it and read it for myself but I thought I would throw that out there.

A Test of Blogging By Email

This is a test

Things that piss me off right now

Talk of mandatory health insurance (Edwards, Clinton) EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets force people to pad the pockets of the rich. Anyway been down that road before.

Car insurance companies using credit scores to assess risk. There was a ballot initiative in ORegon to ban that but because out of staters dumped money into advertising it was defeated.

I guess I am picking on insurance today.

Both of these issues got me burning up today.

I have marginal credit and decent car insurance but I would happily switch companies to boycott those that discriminate against the poor by using credit. WHAT THE HELL DOES CREDIT HAVE TO DO WITH DRIVING ANYWAY? I know statistics but I suppose you could statistically say that those who breathe air die therefore air causes death and should be regulated.

Not sure where this is going so I will shut up now.

Interesting Quiz

90% Mike Gravel
85% Dennis Kucinich
71% John Edwards
66% Joe Biden
65% Bill Richardson
64% Chris Dodd
63% Barack Obama
61% Hillary Clinton
40% Ron Paul
27% John McCain
27% Mike Huckabee
24% Mitt Romney
23% Tom Tancredo
19% Rudy Giuliani
16% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Saturday, January 12, 2008

WTF was that you may ask?

Since at the end all you could probably understand was blow it out your asses. Heres the lyrics. Please have a sense of sarcasm as with any DK music

Dead Kennedys Moral Majority Lyrics
You call yourself the Moral Majority
We call ourselves the people in the real world
Trying to rub us out, but we're going to survive
God must be dead if you're alive

You say, 'God loves you. Come and buy the Good News'
Then you buy the president and swimming pools
If Jesus don't save 'til we're lining your pockets
God must be dead if you're alive

Circus-tent con-men and Southern belle bunnies
Milk your emotions then they steal your money
It's the new dark ages with the fascists toting bibles
Cheap nostalgia for the Salem Witch Trials

Stodgy ayatollahs in their dobble-knit ties
Burn lots of books so they can feed you their lies
Masturbating with a flag and a bible
God must be dead if you're alive

Blow it out your ass, Jerry Falwell
Blow it out your ass, Jesse Helms
Blow it out your ass, Ronald Reagan
What's wrong with a mind of my own?

You don't want abortions, you want battered children
You want to ban the pill as if that solves the problem
Now you wanna force us to pray in school
God must be dead if you're such a fool

You're planning for a war with or without Iran
Building a police state with the Ku Klux Klan
Pissed at your neighbour? Don't bother to nag
Pick up the phone and turn in a fag

Blow it out your ass, Terry Dolan
Blow it out your ass, Phyllis Schlafly
Ram it up your ****, Anita
Cos God must be dead
If you're alive
God must be dead
If you're alive

Enjoy this.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Is Blogging a Passing Fad? Has it lost its coolness?

I have been blogging for a little over a year and I have noticed that other blogs I read have slowed down a lot. Blogging had a coolness about it in that it was real. Unlike Myspace which has been overrun with superficial simpletons (I stole that word froma blog I found today). Bloggers were cool people who had things to say. Much like the culture I remember in the mid 90s on BBSs. Before every teenager in the world got on.

Now teenagers and old people are blogging. Any moron can do it. Its been made too easy. Now there are a lot of smart people with a good perspective out there that I read.

I just fear that in a year blogdom will be gone. Being an introvert as I am, its a great way to get my thoughts out and meet people I would otherwise never know. If it goes the way of the BBS or gets ruined like myspace, I will sure miss it.

Thank God for the Friends I have made here. In this world, I feel accepted and understood. Not to mention free. Well freeer then in person.

So do you think blogging will go the way of the web (over commericalized and ruined by superficial stupid people) or will it be something we have to explain to people what it was. Much like BBSs. LONG LIVE THE BBS. BRING BACK GOPHER. BANISH CAPITALISM FROM THE WEB.. Anyway sorry went on a tangent.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Does anyone care about Iowa

In the midwest lies a state I have driven across many times but really there is nothing there. That state is Iowa. The NE part has some nice scenery. Decorah is a nice little town. Near the river are some hills. The rest of the state is so flat it could make a pancake look mountanous. Des Moines is the only reminder you are in civilization. I actually contemplated moving to Des Moines once. I claim temporary insanity. Actually the area of the country that I spent more time in than any other is not far from Iowa. Its the SE corner of the state of Minnesota. Iowa was that weird place that Iwegians lived and they made people take back their cans for refunds (they do in Oregon too btw). Anyway, Iowa is neither overwhelmly liberal or conservative. Its overwhelmingly NOTHING. However recently Iowa is the center of the universe. Why because of a stupid caucus. Now Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee have risen from obscurity into celebrity status. Why because of corn? I think not. Because this country is all screwed up that a state like Iowa (sorry to any of my friends from Iowa I actually have a few read this) which is not much of anything can decide who the president will be. This is not an original idea. Crallspace talked about this on his blog a while back but it didnt strike me until yesterday.

So as for the results. I dont agree with Huckabee about much but he seems to be the most authentic of the republicans. Not that I plan to vote for him.

Obama is the lesser of three evils on the democrat side so I am marginally happy about the results. Its about as exciting as a drive down a country road in Iowa.

New Year Plans

I saw a post on Ninjanuns blog that made me think about the new year and what I am gonna do.

The last two years have been a roller coaster at times seeming about as encouraging as Oregons weather in december. Well I am sick of it. So here goes

1) I am going to try to find something good in each day. Sounds like an AA slogan or a self help book but if I cant do that, why wake up each day

2) I am going to try and get out of debt. No doubt it will take more than a year

3) Take better care of myself. That is lose some weight, Become less of a couch potato

4) Take part in something of meaning. It used to be ministry back in Minnesota. Since moving to Oregon it has been less and less and now I am isolated. No more. I think it likely wont be ministry but maybe some political cause. I dont know. I just need to get out and talk to real people.

5) Be more authentic. Instead of complaining about the world, I want to really try and become what I am passionate about. First I need to figure out what that is.

6) Make this blog into something worthwhile. I know I have a few dedicated friends out there who read this and I appreciate it. I know I am not talking to space. I would like to make it actually make a difference and mean something.

7) This is the hard one. I have to stop allowing people to push me around so much

Most importantly. Spend more quality time with my wife.

Why is manhating so acceptable

OK. I am a man. However I have many female friends and believe in equality. In many ways I relate better to women then men. However, I get so tired of the acceptable almost socially expected sisterhood of manbashing.

I can be a room of all women and feel quite comfortable however when one opens their mouth and starts bashing their man it becomes a contagious disease.

I dont understand why thats OK. Its not OK for men to sit around and bash women in front of them or in private. We have to learn to all get along.

In this age of political correctness and tolerance, I think things like Carrie Underwoods song "before he cheats" and Blu Cantrell's wtf song should be banned as hate speech.

I find it hurtful and totally uncalled for. I think many women who do this bring sexism on themselves. If you are a woman, perhaps you can share why this is OK. The answers I get from female friends are something like all men are slime except for you. wtf is up with that.

Next maybe I can understand the place where women put their male friends in their mind that has no potential for romantic invlovement. Anyway.

I think society has taught people stereotypical destructive behaviors that must be broken.

Sure some guys are slime (for some weird reason unknown to me women seem drawn to that type) but most of us are just decent people trying to coexist in this world full of all types of people. I dont go around saying all women are shallow and slutty. There are some that are, but that is not because of their gender I dont think.

If I were to make statements about women or gay people that were negative, I would be branded a bigoted asshole. However, women have this niche on society that gives them a license to spread hate and intolerance.

I hope nobody took this wrong and I get some insightful comments from people of every gender.