Monday, June 30, 2008

Man Made Disaster

So while people are out there pondering if the right wing will blame those filthy gay librul iwegian farmers for their plight (like they did for the people of New Orleans) I found an interesting semi-local blog entry that points to the cause being man made.

I think Katrina was partly man made too. It hit so hard because the wetlands of Southern Louisiana have been decimated to the point that the ocean is closer to the city.

God didnt do it. Gay people didnt do it. People did do it. Maybe they were gay. Who cares. Most likely corporatist people. Surely not God.

Wisconsin Dells draining of Lake Delton is another example of a MAN MADE debacle. This MAN MADE lake breached its bank and washed away houses. I suppose they all must be gay too. Here is that story

I have been to Wisconsin Dells many times when I lived in MN and even rode on "the ducks" right at the point where Lake Delton gave way. So in some ways this story is close to home even though I am not from Wisconsin. The Dells as its called by locals is (well maybe not so much anymore) a popular vacation spot for the entire upper Midwest. I will miss Lake Delton if I ever get back there. God must have really hated those people.

All my comments about gay people are not to be taken seriously. I am simply making fun of the right wing attempts to blame everything on someone other than themselves and to involve God in things that God didnt cause.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marketplace Christians

Robert E. Fraser wrote a book that I have not read but what I have read about it is that its purpose is to help people see spiritual value in their work.

I struggle with this daily. Corporations exist to make money. For no other reason. They have no heart. No soul just an undying devotion to the love of money. How then can working for a corporation ever be anything but evil?

Now before you bash me I would like to say that I dont think making a living is evil or doing regular work. However I have a hard time getting any gratification out of working for a corporation. The corporations very existance is a stench in the nostrils of God if we are to belive that the love of money is the root of all evil.

I would like to find spiritual value in corporate work. But I write off books like this and a few that I have read as the ministers way of trying to make normal people feel like they are worth something. And they are. Just not for working for a corporation.

Does God care one way or another about work? Does he even go to work with me? Can he stand to be present in a corporation when the nature of a corporation is eviler than that of Satan. again that is if we are to bellieve the love of money is the root of all evil.

Many people make a living doing things and not working for corporations.

What do you think people? I am curious. I am not sure myself

Sign by Danasoft - Myspace Layouts and Signs

Sign by Danasoft - Myspace Layouts and Signs

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What we get passionate about?

First off I am glad to know there are some who still read this thing. I wondered if that were still the case.

Anyway to the point. I been thinking about what makes us passionate about changing things and the answer is when it affects us.

Here is an example that is weird. When I was 18 I did a lot of traveling. I couldnt rent a car and occasionally I had problems with motels that wanted you to be 21 to rent a room. Nothing pissed me off more. Since I was 18 I wasnt good enough to have a place to sleep. I said to myself when I am over 21 and if and when I become powerful I will do something about this social injustice. If nothing else I was going to only do business with motels that would rent to those who were under 21. Well once I hit 21 I stopped caring so much. Sure philosophically I still think its unfair but now that I am 35 it doesnt affect me so I dont care so much.

Another example is car insurance companies that use credit scores for rates. This deporable evil practice hurts me because my credit is not great. I say to myself when my credit improves I will boycott those who do this evil and do business with those who dont. But chances are I wont.

Why dont people do something about the homeless? Because we have homes. Who cares about the unemployed when we have jobs. Who cares about the hungry when we have food.

I think the problem in the country and society isnt that people dont care in theory. Just that people only really care enough to make a difference if it directly affects them. Unfortunately the young, the poor, the homeless, those with bad credit arent the ones who have the power. So therefore the powerful make decisions that help them. Why do you think we have such a shitty society?

Only when people will fight for the rights of others when it doesnt help them (or may even hurt them) will real change take place. Who is with me?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What the F(bleep)

OK I have calmed down. But I want to say God where the hell are you? I know you are here. At least I want to believe you havent left me here like this.

Though maybe this calmness is the peace of God. I dont think its the right emotion or maybe its just I dont know. I think I let it all out in the last post and feel better.

Anyway I have calmed down. I question why would God lead us in a direction and then drop us on our ass? Either I dont see a piece of the puzzle or something is not right. One week back here and I have totally lost focus again. I dont get it

Ramblings of a depressed madman (dont read if you dont want to) FBOMB AHEAD



Monday, June 09, 2008

Racism and Rush and Double Standard

Yesterday I woke up to Rush Limbaugh who I think is quite entertaining. Now does anyone remember when Don Imus called a couple of women "nappy headed hos" and what happend to him? He got in big trouble.

Yesterday Rush was playing the parody song "Barack the Magic Negro" on his show and nobody is trying to oust him for it.

Proof that if those in control like your message and you have money, you can get away with anything.

How is nappy headed hos worse than Barack the Magic Negro? Both are racist statements.

Just goes to show you who runs the media.

It just pissed me off.

Old Friends/Family/????

Yesterday I found the phone number of a woman who was kind of like a second mother to me. She is someone who used to be my moms best friend but since my mom has broken all ties to old friend and family and claims they are "evil" I can no longer let my mom know I am in contact with this woman. How f'd up is that. Funny thing is they both are born again Christians. Weird.

Another funny twist on this is this womans daughter has always been close to me. At one point I thought I was in love with her because I didnt understand what I felt. It is love of a sort but she is more like a sister to me than a girlfriend. I just didnt get it back in 93 and almost ruined the relationship by thinking I was in love. I am sure that makes no sense. She and I have always had a spiritual connection and can tell when the other is in trouble. Even when havent spoken in years and are seperated by thousands of miles. Almost like twin syndrome but we arent related. At least not by blood. I dont know what caused this connection. Most Christians would reject such a thing as nonsense.

My wife is cool with this because the relationship is totally non-sexual. Its like a brother/sister thing. Just a close friendship that seems to transcend time and distance. I know its totally weird. Once i didnt talk to her for 8 years because once she rejected me as a boyfriend my mom thought she was evil. My mind was like scrambled eggs ans swiss cheese. I didnt know what I believed about anything or anyone so I just didnt talk to her or anyone else from my past. First I found the bottle and buried all feelings with booze. Then I moved to Idaho to forget. While living there, I found myself. Then I found my wife. My one true love. Now I know what love is and I am not confused anymore.

Today I going to call my long lost friend. She and I have been text messaging today. Now its only been two years since I talked to her but when I moved to Albany I lost her contact info. The eight year block of time was after I moved to Idaho until 2002.

I spoke to her mother yesterday who still considers my mom a good friend and would forgive her for everything if she would talk to her. My mom still maintains they have all gone to the dark side. I dont see how.

Anyway. I wanted to share this with my friends in the blogosphere. I hope the way I wrote it, it made some sense.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Obama dont let us down

I like Obama and will vote for him unless he does something horrible. I do fear one thing about him. His backbone.

After the Jeremiah Wright and Pfleger controvesy, Obama resigned from his Church. This disturbs me. I question his loyalty and willingness to stick with people when it may affect him politically.

If he offers the VP spot to Hillary this will further erode my trust of him. Hillary doesnt deserve it and if Obama can be bullied by the Clintons and is willing to stoop that low to get a few votes, then he doesnt have what it takes to lead the nation.

What Obama does in the next month will show a lot about his character. He should choose someone other than Hillary. Yes he should unite the party but if he cannot take a stand against the Clintons than how can he take a stand against an enemy.

If Obama offers Hillary the VP, I will lose all respect for the man and not trust him. I will however still vote for him.

I also think it would be dumb for him to offer it to Hillary for another reason. Hillary is power hungry and mentally unbalanced. It wouldnt surprise me if she causes Obama to have an unfortunate accident or scandal after he gets elected. Thats how much I dont trust her.

We shall see

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Long but make you laugh ass off

This is so good I stole it

Official Christian Perspective = In many churches, this is an application to many of the personal ideologies made corporate theologies propogated by ministers such as Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, and others where real Christianity is dictated by how much and how well you subscribe to the "Republican, anti-DEMONcrat, pro school voucher, ban the 'marriage tax penality', feminized Promise Keeper, butterfly kissing dad, married to the stay-at-home mom, calling themselves "single income" but the mom sells Avon, tupperware, vitamins, Amway, etc. at night, homeschool the seven kids who look like the Precious Moments Figurines living in the Thomas Kinckade gingerbread houses in the meadow next to the brook where the deer pants reminiscent of Little House on The Prairie" where the environment appears to be "sanitized", "isolated", and "overprotected" while driving recklessly their woodgrained minivan with the soccer ball sticker on the gas tank lid and the "Christianese' bumper stickers on the back door listening to praise and worship in the cassette deck. To disagree with some or all of this concept in public, in forums, in the local church, etc. causes one to be labeled as "bitter", "heretic", "bigoted", "narrowminded", etc by the leaders and the followers who love to dictate the "official Christian perspective". There is not necessarily a problem with many of these characteristics and concepts such as Republicans, homeschooling, extra-incomes in and of itself. The problem is when people who call themselves ministers of the Gospel have stated, implied, etc that failure to be or follow through those characteristics deems one as a "fake" and / or "inferior" Christian deemed for hell while those who do are "real", "annointed", and "superior" Christians who will receive 'super special secret blessings in their heavenly crown.

Interesting Company Name

The company that makes RFID tags is called Alien Technology. I wonder if they really are from soem other planet

Read this and Freak

RFID at Mall Wart


That RFID tag follows you home doesn't it? Tells them where that box of Cheerios lives. When they know where the Cheerios live, they know where you live. When they know where you live, the Gestapo will arrive soon.


The question is who are they? The it exists. Its just the they we are waiting for.


The world is like a stupid child with a big plug in its hand ready to plug into the beast. Like a dog ready to hand its leash over to the master.


Resist or be screwed