Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Crazy Shit

Well maybe not shit. I dont want to burn in hell if I am wrong but there is a guy that used to be a fairly decent preacher named Todd Bentley. He is now known for his ongoing revival meetings, yelling BAM and beating the shit out of people because God told him to and they need to be healed. Here is a video from Youtube of this dude.

I cant believe this madness. Its an insult to my religion. wtf?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


My favorite new word. Many people (especially those in Churchianity) are sheeple. Sheeple do what they are told, follow the rules, dont rock the boat and run off the cliff with the latest trend

Wait, Churches teach that as a value

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Initially when Obama became the presumptive nominee, I noticed that some in the left started to bash him and call him a fraud. It seemed that once Hillary Clinton was out of the picture, it became OK to bash the "messiah". I neither thought he was the messiah or did I think he was superman but I did and still do think he is better than Clinton and a lot better than McCain. When I heard the Obama bashing I thought hey lets give the guy a break and support him. Unless he does something unforgivable like cave to the pressure to make Hillary Clinton his running mate.

Well he has done soemthing worse yet I still will vote for him. He has gone from threatening to filibuster the FISA bill to supporting it.

FISA is that evil deplorable bill that allows the Government to spy on its own people.

Obama, please dont sell us all out again. For now you still got my vote but dont do anything else stupid or you may well lose the election.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pave The World and other ramblings

I saw a T shirt on a guy the other day that said Pave the World. It made me realize just how ignorant some people are. Maybe it was a joke but it seems to me that it is the agenda of some in power. Some who even claim to worship the same God I do and claim to have the same ideals as me. I used to be an ignorant dumb ass too but now I see more of the truth though I still have a lot to learn.

i cant get over how content ignorance can be. I was much more content but now deep down I think I am a better person now that I dont fit into Churchianity or the religious right. I know where I stand. I know what I stand for (in most cases). Take me or leave me. I dont care if you agree with me. Thats the difference between me and the religious right. It also is a major difference between progressives and conservatives. The Churchianity crowd believes they are right and cannot be wrong. I am still a Christian but I am not out to force you to agree with me or believe anything. If anyone wants to know what I believe I will share it but unlike the Religious Right, I wont try to sell you a product.

Progressives treat me with respect regardless of what I belive. Too bad Christians dont tend to do that.

Technorati Thyself

I decided to Technorati search my blog and found out I have friends I didnt even know about. I need to add some more people to my blogroll

If you Technorati yourself it will tell you who all links to you.


Monday, July 07, 2008

Jack the Happy Christian

To the tune of puff the magic dragon we have Jack the Happy Christian. OK I made that part up but this link leads to the cheesiest thing I have seen since Jack Chick's homo's will fry tract. This is the SBC (Southern Baptist Conventions) way of cheapening the message of Jesus Christ into a pathetic sales pitch.
I challenge anyone out there to find where in the Bible it says pray a magic prayer or "accept Jesus in your heart" and you will be saved. Sorry its not there.
Check this out. its quite entertaining.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I been reading a bunch of Christian feminist blogs lately and am impressed that there are some people out there that dont share the sexist bullshit attitudes of mainstream Churches yet still are content to remain part of such Churches.

Perhaps people like them can change the Church internally.

God, Drugs, Alchohol, and Church

So... I got one for you. Most Church people talk about the bad old days when they were awful sinners back when they were drinkers or weed smokers, or used drugs, or worse, maybe they even cursed George Bush (this one is not in seriousness) But in all seriousness I get tired of the stigma attached to certain behaviours and that good Christians just dont do those kinds of things.

So I challenge anyone out there to give me a good compelling argument why the above activities are sinful and why people who refrain from them and attend Church are "holier than thou"

I see nothing wrong with partying and being a Christian. I am not advocating hard drug use or anything but what is wrong with using certain substances that make you feel better. In moderation is best of course. Have a beer if you want. It wont send you to hell.

I think it goes back to Church people want to be around people like themselves so they project their false morals onto people.

Anyway just some thoughts of the day.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nothing to say

I got nothing to say today. Well not really nothing. but my thoughts are not joined together enough to make a real post. Not anything really exciting going on. Nothing has pissed me off enough to get my creative juices going. I dont feel depressed or particulary anything. Just normal and quite bored.

Wishing I could go camping this weekend. Maybe will find a cancelled site or just go out in the woods and put up a tent. Who knows.

Today is a semi hot muggy Oregon day. A day where the soupyness of the air almost paralells that of the midwest. I wish it would dry out a bit.

Happy 4th of July everyone. Try to keep in mind what it means to be a real American and stay safe. Dont drink or smoke too much. Unless you really want to