Sunday, October 29, 2006

I went to Church Today

I went to Church today and observed the following.

1) Gods presence was in the place so I cannot condemn the sincerity of the people.

2) The people were welcoming and friendly

3) Salvation was preached.

4) There were people there under the age of 65.

That is the good.

Other things I noticed that bugged me a bit:

1) The demographic was not representative of this area. In the Albany area the largest age group is 25-44. Less than 20% is over 65. In this Church, about 50% appeared to be over 65. A Church with an older demographic than the community is not representing the community correctly

2) There was some doctrine I didnt agree with. This is OK though. Not worth a fight

3) Everyone that greeted us seemed overly concerned about the visitor card. Like Steve and Josh said, Churches are obsessed with that info. Now it bugs me.

4) They are having a trendy harvest party. Why does that bug me. Well for one thing, masking what Halloween is in order to sanitize it for Church seems wrong. Also God had a festival called the feast of harvest. Better known as Pentecost. It would be an abomination to confuse Pentecost and Halloween. This problem is less specific to this Church and more to Churchianity in general and their harvest parties.

Overall I would say that this Church visit was worth it and was uplifting. However, I am still not sure I want to be obligated to do this every Sunday.

Now I plan to do something I consider almost as if not more spiritual than Church. If they rain will stay away, we are going to the woods.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Confused in Oregon

i am not sure who I am anymore. For years I was a churchgoer and a leader. I thought the Republicans were the way to go. Now I see that its all been a lie. Not God but Churchianity. I want to take some time off and have as a result of moving to another town in Oregon. I really really wish that I could find myself before going back but my wife wants to return to Church. I am turned off by the false teaching, the piety, the feelings of guilt and the money grubbing.

I think Ninjanun said it great in a podcast of Stupid Church People. She said something to the effect of (not a quote) that when you are in leadership in a Church, you feel that you are doing something for God and when you arent, you feel unimportant.

The last 3.5 years of my life have been like this. After leaving a Church where I was a leader (not paid staff, but a leader nontheless), and going back to being just a regular person made me almost die. I felt worthless and if I couldnt "get in the ministry" I should just die. I am over it now, but I still struggle.

Hey Ninjanun, if you read this, I want you to know that what you said was inspired and went straight to the heart. I am the guy who emailed you recently with my story. I hope you get it.

Steve and Josh, I would love to talk to you guys sometime.

All of you may God Bless You and Keep You as you journey toward him in Church or out of it.

Peace and Love and all that Good Stuff.



This is my first post under this name. Truth for Dummies is just a name. I almosted called it Alethia but then people would think I was gay or a female which I am neither. I almost did it anyway but Alethia was taken. Alethia is the greek work for truth.

Is everything here true? Not likely but I cover 2 of my favorite topics, truth and human stupidity.
I am not gonna tell you much here, but stay tuned. If you like Stupidchurchpeople, you might like this.

Steve and Josh, you guys inspired me. Way to go!!!!!!!!
You too Ninjanun.