Sunday, March 18, 2007

Im still alive

Hey all who may wonder if I dropped off the planet. I didnt. I am still around. I have had some change in my life and its good.

1) As I posted before I got a new job. This has taken away 80% of the negativity that I had. I really hated my old job, It was poisoning me. I like my new one a lot so I havent felt the need to complain. I used to blog to vent. However, I am still gonna blog. It just may be lighter.

2) I had been so antiChurch and now I am not sure. I actually enjoy going to the services but the BS detectors are working hard. I guess rather than complain, I am just having a bit of an internal struggle. I am coming to the conclusion that God is there in Churches but so is the bad stuff. Jesus cares enough about us to be there even amongst the fakeness.

As I ponder that, I will say that it feels good to blog again. I will start doing it more. As I see things. I guess my life is just boring (in a good way) right now.

Take care and God Bless all who still read this