Sunday, September 06, 2009

Keep on Going

I have been trying to figure out if blogging is even relevant with the explosion of Facebook, Twitter, and other things like it. Which by the way though we may use them we really need to question the motives of the people who run them but thats another story.

I do have something on my mind and it is privacy. I am visiting Oregon this weekend and I was at Target in beautiful Albany. The guy in front ot me was buying some nicotine gum and they carded him (despite the fact he looked at least 35). Now that in and of itself is just policy overshadowing common sense. But when they got his ID the proceeded to try and SCAN it. Now these stupid barcodes on drivers licenses were supposed to be for Law Enforcement or DMV to read. Who knows what data is stored there. Target scanning it is a violation of privacy. What is to stop them from acquiring data (perhaps more than is listed on the front of the license) and using it for targeted marketing?

I am all bent out of shape about this because it is another step toward the "Your Papers Please" orwellian society that is coming about in the name of "security"

I dont like showing my ID to clerks when I use a credit card. I dont want to share my information with a coporation just because I buy something there. They are selling me the item for MONEY not in exchange for my personal ID. When IDs have RFID chips in the (WA has an ENHANCED license that does) people can get info without us knowing. Anybody remember Minority Report? Want to have to have an eyeball transplant to hide from the system?

When anyone asks me for ID for a debit or credit card. I show it then I go online and report them to MasterCard. It is AGAINST their terms of service with the merchant to require anyone to show ID. They can lose their ability to take credit cards. Its not that I am for fraud, I am just against the loss of privacy.

I suggest everyone think twice before

Ageeing to get any ID that requires ANY biometric data (face rec, fingerprints, etc)
Getting ANYTHING with an RFID chip in. (get a foil wallet if you do)

Accepting the "your papers please" metality and forking over ID to anyone who asks.

Allowing anyone to scan your ID (unless they are a cop or at DMV)

Signing up for "club cards" There are some who share them to avoid the info and still get the benefits

We need to wake up to this or we will have all of our movements tracked not by the government but by large FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS. In this society Hitler wouldnt be a politician. He would be the CEO of an Oil Company.

Anyway, I am done venting.

I dont think blogging is dead. Just not a fad anymore. It must remain. Just try to regurgitate this much in a tweet.