Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello from Idaho

I am writing this from my vacation. My wife and I drove to Meridian, Idaho. That is suburban Boise.

If you want to see pics, I am posting them to my Flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/23695875@N06/

Idaho is interesting. Here it is suburbia and growing fast. I just got back from a business trip to So Cal and to me Idaho looks like it wants to become LA. I couldnt tell the difference between Meridian and Oxnard except for the absence of palm trees. Its all turning into strip malls along the highway. Its sad to see that in a red state like Idaho they let it go to hell. My wife is sad because the Meridian, Idaho she grew up in is almost unrecognizable.

Thank God for Oregons land use laws. You can really see it if you compare Portland to Boise.

We got WAY up into the mountains today. Past Idaho City to a place called Mores Creek Summit. The elvation was 6100 feet and there were no cars hardly. It really reminded me of Colorado.

I could feel the presence of God up there. That may seem nutty but I really felt close to God and like everything in the world was OK. I had an encounter.

I am not trying to be preachy but I knew that God had me in his hand and all was fine. I realize that there is something so much bigger than all this and we have little control of it. IT was a good peaceful thing. Nothing to fear Just peace and love all the way.

I feel like I now have new direction in life and a desire to live life to the fullest. My wife experienced it too. Just a feeling that all is well in the universe and nothing was beyond the control of God.

I interpret God as Jesus Christ since I am a Christian. Though I am not going to become religious and preachy. The world has enough of that already.

You may think it was lack of oxygen at that level but to me it was real. I now want to be a better person. Nobody can argue with that.

Peace and Love to all.

When I get back I will go to Open Forum and share the experience. Not in a religious way.

Maybe in a few days everthing will be as it was. Maybe not thought. This was a life changing thing. I have experienced this before but not for some time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back in Oregon for the week

I have been back in Oregon since Saturday working my buns off.

One more day then a vacation for a week in Idaho. I should have plenty of time to ponder the universe and blog there.

I am hoping to connect spiritually and get my head cleared out more on this trip and figure out what we are to do next. There is a chance that once my wife graduates from college, we may move away or stay. Who knows.

Things have been intense. Gotta slow down.

Down in California, I worked over 60 hours in one week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Greetings from Oxnard

I am writing from beautiful Oxnard, CA. Or is it Ox Nards? I have the perfect pic for what I think of when I hear the word Oxnard but its back in Oregon and though taken in California, it was not Oxnard. But it does have Ox Nards in it.

Anyway, on a serious note. I am down here setting up the new store for the company I work for. I was all worried about flying. I no longer fear TSA or planes. It was fine. The guy who gave me a ride from LAX was a lot scarier. He would do well as a crash test dummy.

Being here has been nice in many ways. The warm weather and sunshine is doing wonders for my depression. But I still wouldnt want to live here. This place looks very plastic and fake. But it is beautiful

I had hoped to meet up with the guys from SCP but they are in Orange County which is Southern California and part of LA, its 100 miles away and I have been too busy to get out of Oxnard/Ventura County.

12 hour work days suck but the pay will be good. The job is done and I get to go home tomorrow.

This has been a good thing. I have revaulated some things and ready to move on with life.

One more week to go and then I get to take a vacation to beautiful Meridian, Idaho. If you like desert and mormons, its heaven on Earth.

Take care everyone. I hope all is well.

Thanks for all the support people have given me when I was freaked out about flying. I was amazed how much the same it is as pre 9/11. The security is a farce and nothing to be feared. Well I am not sure of that but I am not worried.

I cant wait to get home and see my wife. I miss her so much right now

Monday, May 12, 2008

I think I am a control freak

I realize something as the day of getting on a plane for the first time in 14 years is upon me Wednesday. I am not really afraid the damn thing is gonna crash. I fear:

1) The control the airport security can have
2) The control the airline pilot will have
3) The control the people I work with will have over my schedule
4) The loss of control of my own activities

I always thought it odd I dont like to be a passenger in a car but want to drive.

I am a control freak


We did go to see Obama on Friday and I will say I am more likely to vote for him now then before but I dont think he is the savior of the world that so many portray him as. He is an excellent speaker and has a lot of charisma. But I wouldnt say his presence was mesmerizing. It was en event I will remember for a long time though.

I believe he is a sincere man with good intentions. I do not think he will be successful in all he plans to do as President. I think he will make major change during his first term and then slowly become more like one of them. If he doesnt become more like them, I dont think he can get re-elected unless the Republicans put up another doofus like McCain. I could be proven wrong but power corrupts and I think it would be foolish to assume that Obama is any exception to this. To succeed as a politician, one must compromise. That is why the best people never succeed as politicians and those who succeed as politicians make me suspicious.

He is the best choice that is left so I am endorsing Obama. I would even go so far as to say that I like him. Not that my endorsement means a damn thing except that I will vote for him if he doesnt get the nomination stolen from him by the EVIL Clintons.

I would vote for Nader and think he would be a better person but what we need now is a less bad politician. Obama is our man for the job. Who knows he may turn out to even be halfway decent.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Something stirring up in my heart

Maybe it is God. Maybe its the diet killing reeses and 5 hr energy for breakfast but I have a familiar feeling on me today. Back in the old days I would have called it "the call of God". Now I am not sure. It is a feeling of:

1) Intense passion to do something. To help people. To ease the minds of those on confused spiritual journeys. To point the way to hope. (wow I sound like a motivational speaker. Maybe there is a future for me in a van down by the river. LOL. SNL reference may be missed by some)

2) A sensation that I was created to do more than just work 40-60 hours a week for the man to make money so that I can do it again.

3) A desire to do something meaningful with my life

4) A feeling that if my faith is real and strong I should be able to do anything

Heres the deal. In the old days I would say there is the call. I better find out how to change careers and go into the ministry. Now I think there are plenty of people "in the ministry" and do we really need more. I feel like my current job may take too much out of me to have enough left to do something meaningful but I really want to dedicate my life to something other than helping others with their pursuit of a the almighty dollar. I am not really a money minded person. I want to make enough to live but if my basic needs were met, I think I could be quite happy in a van down by the river (assuming the van is big enough to hold me).

Its not a struggle. If anything it feels good. I think I need to find my lost goals and start moving toward them.

Enough madness for today.

Later all

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Obama in Albany

Tomorrow Barack Obama is going to be speaking in Albany and we got tickets. I believe if you get in close proximity to a person where you can see and hear them first hand you can really get a feel for what the person is all about. So I want to go.

At this point, I would call myself an Obama supporter though I would rather support a third party candidate and may vote for Nader. I like what Obama says but how real is he.

Will I know by seeing him? Probably not. Will I have a more defined opinion of what he is all about? Maybe.

Can I tell my grandkids that I saw the first black presidential candidate that had a chance in person, yes.

It just seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will post about the experience tomorrow.

The tickets are probably gone so if anyone didnt know then perhaps its too late. But maybe if you are going see you there

Monday, May 05, 2008

Oregon Voters Guide Phone Sex

I heard about this on KPOJ this AM and got a good laugh. Apparently the voter guide has the wrong phone number listed for info and it goes to a number that you call to get numbers for phone sex.





Maybe that was the number for the politicians after they get into office.

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Corvallis Open Forum

I keep missing it and so badly want to go. I have had to work a couple of Saturdays due to servers dying etc, This Saturday I have to work and the next two I will be out of town.


I posted this to allow my friends in Corvallis to know I haven’t forgotten them or the Open Forum




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