Monday, November 24, 2008

Things that should be eradicated from a company in IT world

1) Internet Explorer. If your application requires it, lock it down, deny it access to the Internet and use Firefox. Every place I have ever worked uses IE and every place gets infested with crapware
2) Brother printers. Every device made by Brother has caused me terrible headaches
3) Symantec Anything (or even any company that is likely to be eaten by Symantec)
4) Citrix (if you need to print, stay away from this monster)
5) Vista, Go with XP, Linux or a Mac but dont let Vista touch your network
6) Home computers. Dont let ANYONE use their homeized XP Home or Vista Norton infected piece of crap on the company network
7) Trendiness - Dont virutalize, use thin clients or other buzz crap just because you read about it in a PC mag.
9) Any HP desktop PC
10) Consumer Grade Networking Hardware

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I really do like it here

My previous post made it sound like I am in a ghetto and unhappy. In reality, I like it here. The people overall seem more civilized, less hickish. There is more to do. I love the small parks around here on the Sound. They remind me of the Oregon Coast. Very peaceful and nice despite being in a big city.

This area is a melting pot and I like that too. I have had some great Thai food since getting here. I cant wait until my wife gets here and we can check out the city together. I am not a loaner.

Work is work. New place same things but I am good at it and I am not in mortal fear of a layoff like I was in Oregon for the last year and a half.

I still think Oregon was a good place to live but Washington is too. Both are similar. Green, rainy, progressive yet sprinkled with conservatives. Live and let live attitude.

Life in the Big City (Seattle)

I have now been up here except for the weekends for almost a month. Working so many hours that I rarely see the light of day. Safe and secure in the little town of Puyallup. This weekend I am all alone in Suburban Seattle near Seatac Airport.

Overall Washington is not much different than Oregon. It has more people and more ethnic diversity which is not a bad thing. The traffic is but I avoid it for the most part. Seems like a cool place to be.

Well this weekend there was a gang related shooting at Southcenter mall (the big mall up here) One person dead. Thousands freaked out. About 5 miles from here.

Today I went for a little drive down 99 toward Redondo Beach. There were cops everywhere and the road was blocked. A big white SUV sitting in the middle of the road. I thought what an idiot to park there.

Later on the news I find out the cops were called because the SUV was sitting there and the guy was not responding. Aparrently he was dead and had been shot. Nobody saw anything. No clue how he got there. Did he shoot himself? Did someone shoot him and he drove toward a hospital and died there. No clue. Nice to know that within a couple miles there is at least one killer running around. Maybe two.

I park on the street here. One car in front of me their windshield was based in.

I also have noticed a lot of people who look like trouble. Black, white, mexican, purple, green, I dont care but groups of teenagers looking for trouble bother me. Most of these are black and look like they came from S Central LA. Now I couldnt care less about their skin but if they want respect they need to stop acting like gangsters. People should stop being a stereotype.

Anyway, I am not in fear of my life. THe worst thing that has happend to me was two condoms next to my car. One used, one new. I have lived in big cities. I get the feeling I am not in the best part of the Seattle area and cant wait to get a nice place to live. Regardless its not much worse than Albany. We had a dead guy near us there too.

What is wrong with people these days?