Saturday, December 30, 2006


One thing that really jerks my chain is the teaching of Tithing in Churches and how money centered they are. Also all that crap about sowing and reaping. Yes Paul used sowing and reaping as an example to say you get what you give, but many in Churchianity are obsessed with money. Heres my issue

1) Tithing is NOT commanded in the new testament

2) Tithing as it is in Churchianity is not biblical at all. You should read up on the OT type of tithing. Its far different then the way people do it now

3) We are not cursed. We are under Christ but people love to quote Malachi to say were cursed.

4) God does not teach we should be rich.

5) Tithing as it is now is nothing but taxation.

My main problem is I have yet to find a Church (with the exception of Church of Christ which I take issue with because they think they are the only ones not gonna roast in hell) that doesnt try to shove the tithing garbage down my throat. I understand they need money, but the guilt tripping and scripture manipulation is sick.

I will not tithe out of obligation ever. I will only give as I feel led. That could be none or it could be a hell of a lot more than a tithe.

Take your tithe tax and stick it, Churchianity. If it was so freaking important, Jesus would have had a lot to say about it

Friday, December 29, 2006


I have been wrestling with the topic of Biblical Inerrancy. At a young age it was engrained into me that the Bible was the Word of God. It says it, you do it, no questions asked. I remember when I was 13 right after I became a Christian being so upset as to be in tears because I ran into a contradiction in the Bible. When I was about 14 my mom started studying how the canon came about and started to pick and choose what books to accept. I rolled with that for a while. Then came my Churchianity days where it was back to the Bible is inerrant and if it contradicts, well we just dont get it.

The real issue I have now is not so much with contradictions or the perception thereof. My faith is stronger than that, but rather the use of proof texts or as I call them "Bible bombs" to justify hideous things. In the past people used them to justify slavery. Now its subordination of women, war, capititalism, etc. That has brought me back to this.

1) Why do we accept what is in the Bible. I have no issue with the Gospels and most of the OT.

2) Who were these old Catholics who decided which books to take and which ones to leave. I have read some apocryphal books and think they are interested and Bible like. Who were these people and why do we take their word for what should be in the canon.

3) Why is Paul's every word and opinion used as doctrine. Paul was a man and was in my mind quite opinionated. He was a good man, but why should his opinion that women should not teach be authoritative anymore than something Brian McLaren or Rick Warren says. They say some good things. I am not necessarily saying Paul shouldnt be in the Bible, but I think his works are the most abused of anyone to justify things. He even said in some places "I not the Lord"

4) Why do Fundamentalists stick to the doctrine that the Earth is only 6000 years old. The Bible doesnt say that and I fail to see that in Genesis. I think millions of years passed between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2

5) I wanna puke when people quote the end of Revelation about adding to or taking away from this book. That refers to the book of Revelation. Do Churchianity people really believe God rained the Bible out of the sky. It must have happend in 1611 when the Authorized King James Bible fell from heaven.

I am interested in your thoughts here. I am not trying to rattle anyones faith. Most of the perceived contradictions are fairly irrelevent. I think we need a better answer than just ignore problems and they go away. I would like to hear what my new friends have to say on this topic. I have yet to have an intelligent conversation with a Church leader on this issue.

I started a topic on the Ooze about it but it digressed to mindless bickering. Though they pointed me to some good reading material.

God Bless. Peace and Love to all

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I have noticed since moving to Oregon that most people here dont understand boundaries. The management at my work has no hesitation to call me on my cell phone on Sundays to ask questions. People on the street walk up and ramble nonsense at you. One guy digs through our dumpster every day. Not only have I noticed that the people in this state are very strange, but they dont understand boundaries. They get right in your face and your business. Dont tell me "you have never lived in a big city or a small town". I have lived in a tiny farm town in Minnesota as well as Minneapolis, Denver and the DC area. I am well familiar with big city vs small town culture. I am beginning to think that Oregon is where people move when the rest of the country wont take them. Not to mention that where I work there are no people near my age but a crapload of old people. Its like someone left the door open at the nursing home. Not to mention the inbred rednecks and the new age/cultic nuts.

I try to approach these nutjobs with the love of Christ, but being around them has made me hardended burnt out and almost non-caring. I hope I die before I become like the people I see every day.

Oh and if you are thinking of moving to Oregon, its an OK place, but the Coast should have a sign that reads "A great place to get old and die"

I admit it, I have such a problem with old people now that I dont want to attend a Church thats full of them. Most Churches have lots of them.

At times, secretly, I think that Euthanasia in the Soylent Green kind of way (minus eating them) might not be a bad idea.

Someone please tell me Im f'd up

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford is Dead

Just in case nobody knew, Gerald Ford passed away yesterday. I think he was one of the misunderstand presidents. Nobody knew much of him. I feel for the family. I think he was probably a good man. I hope he is in a better place


I am not sure what to make of things of late. After reading a New Kind of Christian, I tend to agree with Brian McLarens points. I have no interest in attending a normal Church or being part of Churchianity. I feel so distanced from religion. I even told a friend today that I am not interested in going back to Church. Not cause my beliefs have changed but because of the fakeness. In some ways I hope to find in Emergent an authenticity that I have found in a small online community of friends (SCP, Dorsey, Senor Jefe, Zeke, Ninjanun, and others). I found people who feel the way I do. In Church I find no such thing. However I cannot help but feel isolated and like I am missing out.

I have even gone so far as to question basic doctrines (no not the Deity of Christ, but the innerancy of scripture). I see no harm in asking the questions. I just fear Churchianity may make them disappear since it has no answer.

I am not saying that I dont believe the Bible. I am simply saying that people go too far with it.

I am also to the point that I see Republicanism is almost totally incompatible with true Christianity. I must commend McLaren on his antiwar stance. He is almost pacifist which is quite a stand for an Emergent guy to take since Emergents stand for nothing a lot of the time.

I guess I dont know who I am anymore. if you know, please tell me.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Not much to say

I been doing a lot of boring but normal things lately. got a loan, got a new (new to me) truck, stuff like that.

I also been reading a New Kind of Christian by Brian McLaren and so far I thinks its very good. I am not sure I want to totally jump on the emergent bandwagon, but I think a lot of people in that conversation share my beliefs and pain. I guess I could be considered a friend of Emergent, but I dont want that to become who I am. I am me, and others are along for the ride.