Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oregon votes to not legalize marijuana and citizens want to secede because of Obama

I am beginning to think Oregon is becoming a red state. First they vote not to legalize marijuana when Washington voted to legalize it. Oregon rejected same sex marriage. Now they are getting signatures to secede from the USA because Obama won the election. Regardless of where you stand on any of these issues (I am not going there right now), you gotta admit those are liberal battle cries. To think Oregon. The hippie state. Well known as the place where the state flower should be cannabis has that much of a conservative vein. Actually I am not surprised. I lived in Oregon and I noticed the state is deeply divided. Portland and Eugene (as well as small pockets like Ashland and Corvallis) are highly liberal and radically so. These places make Berkeley look like a redneck town. But the rest of the state is VERY VERY conservative. We are talking like rural Kansas or Idaho. Gun toting, Bush loving, Church going, Republicans. Again I am not condemning. Just an observations. Move up North a few hundred miles and I see a mix of more moderate people. Supposedly Central and Eastern Washington are bastions of conservatism, but what I really see is some liberals. Some conservatives (both of which are very live and let live) and a bunch of moderates which is where I place myself in the spectrum. I am not a treehugger nor am I a redneck. I may lean liberal on a lot of issues (though I am conservative of a few big ones). This makes Washington a much more interesting place to live. The people are less divided. I have liberal friends and I have conservative friends. We can all just get along.

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