Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hillary Clinton and John Edwards are proposing a health care plan that will MANDATE that everyone have health insurance. This is not what we need. Supposedly this is going to be similar to the compulsory insurance law for auto insurance. However one does not have to drive. You cannot help but be alive and if you are alive you are MANDATED. What this will do is line the pockets of the HMOs at yours and my expense.  I cannot endorse or vote for any candidate that proposes this.

The Green Party has spoken out against it as well.

I have the freedom to not pad the pockets of the HMOs. Here is what I am going to do.

1) I am going to do what I can to expose these liars in the blogosphere
2) I am going to re-register as a Democrat (Oregon has a closed primary) and put my support behind Barack Obama. The only candidate who stands a chance of getting the nomination that doesnt support this crap. Yes, I know his health care plan is inadequate but its not MANDATORY. I wish we could get Kucinich.
3) I am going to re-register as a Green when all is said and done.
4) If Hillary or Edwards gets the nomination, I will most likely hold my nose and vote for the republican. Though their ideas of how to fix health care suck, they dont force me to support evil. I may just sit out the election.

So now you know why I cannot stand Hillary. Its not her Gender.  Its not even her waffling on issues and saying whatever it takes to get elected. Its this evil abysmal health insurance plan.

What this country needs is socialized medicine. How bad does it have to get before people wake up and see this. Kucinich seems to be the only candidate with good ideas and he cannot get the nomination because people say he cannot. Obama is the lesser evil who stands a chance.

Go ahead and fire away. I hope to get lots of comments on this one.


tkn said...

I agree with you 99%. I'm even starting to warm up to Obama. the one percent is about the voting for a republican.

nina said...

i know. it's a real pisser, isn't it? i blogged about their "plans" a few months ago and have pointed out their "plans" to bloggers online who support these idiots.

of course they (candidates) know what they're doing. they're both part of a system that wishes to enslave every one of us through control measures. that doesn't surprise me anymore. however what does surprise me is the fact that their supporters aren't raising the red flag on the fact that with their plans, we'll lose more freedom. of course, then again, people aren't raising the abortion/pro-life legislation flag on ron paul. people are desperate for change and in that desperation, we can be willing to overlook the red flags.

kucinich is getting my vote again.

kucinich's problem (in terms of being ignored), imho, is largely personality. he isn't angry enough. he isn't assertive enough. he may be small in stature but he also comes across as "small", if that makes sense. he needs more fire in how presents himself, overall that is. ron paul has gained attention not only because of what he's saying but in how he's saying. he comes across with more authority.

and the other problem is people's mindset that he (kucinich) isn't electable. he is if he receives enough votes. people need to vote for WHO THEY WANT instead of who they think is electable. kucinich has a lot more actual support than some may realize. it's frustrating though to know people support him but won't vote for him because they don't think anyone else will.